Most of the coins I have available are extras and

I do have some nice collectable coins in the showcases, as
well as others in storage.  All of the really collectable coins
are " One of a kind". If you need it, last chance, here, is all I
can say..

If there is a coin you're looking for, I may well have it or can
obtain it for you, should you wish.

If there are coins you wish to have appraised or sell, again
please contact me for an appointment...478 998 1983
between 10 AM and 4 PM

If looking, leave your name, phone number, date of the coin,
type and mint mark, if appropriate, as well as what you're
interested in paying for the coin(s) and what condition you
wish the coin to be in, with the front desk of The Treasure
Store and they will see that I get this message. If necessary
I'll call you to verify the information.

Ph No
Date of coin--such as 1938
type-- Mercury Dime
Mint --P
Condition-Fine or better
Price range- $1.00-$5.00

The mint has ended production of State and Territoroial  
quarters. I have an uncirculated, P&D Roll set, of state
quaretrs, 100 rolls, for sale- $1
700.00. Call or leave your
name and phone number with The Treasure Store Staff, if
. There will also be some territories rolls included

Note: FYI--My prices are FIRM or No Discount (ND)..Should
there be a volume pruchase, please call me during duty
hours 10-4, 478 998 1983, for a possible discount.

Do look around when out and be sure of your surroundings.
Note who's near you and yours and Be Safe...

Thanks for stopping here and be sure to stop my, jc booth,
at The Treasure Store on Kellam Road, Dublin, GA...jc
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