I do not deal in Foreign coins, but do have several of the old  and
new foreign coins that I would sell or trade for American coins or
cash. Be sure to contact me about any of these.

These coins do not include Euros, with the exception of the Pope
Benedict  XVI,  50c Vatican coin, which I still have a few left. These
aren't replacable. Most are European  from the teens, 1940's and as
late as the 1970's, but there are  some newer ones from recent trips.

I have several foreign coins in books that I would be happy to offer
for your perusal, by appointment only. Contact me or leave a
message at The Treasure Store Desk, if you are interested..

There are coins from Germany, France, Switzerland, India, Canada
and England, to mention some.  If you're interested in some of these
old coins you can contact me at 478 998 1983 between 10 AM and 4
PM, or leave a message for me at  The Treasure Store on Kellam
Road, in Beautiful Dublin Georgia, USA

The Regan GOLD dollars are in and I have both P and D mint marked
coins, in the showcases. These will be the last of the Presidential
dollars for several years..    jc
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Foreign Coins