I do buy, sell and trade American coins. If you
remark on current values and/or make an offer
on, please leave your name at the front desk at
The Treasure Store, on Kellam Road or give me
a call at 478 998 1983 between 10 AM & 4 PM, to
make an appointment.  

Coins are an ever changing item. Did you know
that: The mint  is producing nickels for
circulation at a cost of almost a dime each??  
AND even though there's only a "painting of
copper" on a cent, it cost more than that, for
them to produce..It's true, about 3 cents each.
Canada woke up and ceased production of
pennies, in 2012.. Please see what's  available
in my showcases at The Treasure Store,  Note
all prices are FIRM, unless advertised in the
booth or on this web site.

Thanks for stopping by this website.  jc                
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