I have several mint and proof sets available.  

The 2010 Penny change is the first since 1959,  for the Memorial
Series....These coins, uncirculated, will be high in demand in the near
future..ALL should pick up a roll and put it away.

Also should you be looking for a specific year set, I may well be able to
put together a very nice uncirculated year set for you. These are
always nice to commerorate a particular birthday, anniversary,
graduation, grandson or daughter or any day you may celebrate. Many
enjoy having their birth and wedding year set.  These would be prior to
2011. Also have some wheat penny solid date rolls from 1930's to
1950's available from $4.00 roll, up..Pick up a roll of your, your Dad's or
Mom's, birth year date. iust a nice, irreplacable, thing to have. jc

You may leave a request at the front desk, Call or use the Contact us.

Again, should  your have a request   for a  "special something", like a
coin or book, leave the message at The Treasure Store, call me during
business hours 10-4 PM weekdays at 478-998-1983, or use our
"contact me" page on the net here.

Be sure to check out what and who is near you & yours AND have a
good flashlight, for after dark, which will be on us very soon.


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Mint & Proof Sets