I plan on using this page to keep you informed on what's
happening in the coin world.

The mint has minted the 2014-50th anniversary of JFK  Half
Dollar. I have 2014 P and D Kennedy Halves in the showcase,
while they last.  Put some away, for sure.

There are several dates of Ike dollars in the showcase. These
are part of a very short set and easy to complete. I try to keep
at least one of every date I have extra, in the showcases.

The Vatican has released a 50 cent Euro,  Commermorating
Pope Benedict XVI, who recently resigned. In showcases for
$5.00,  The only living ex-Pope. These are going fast....

The some extra state, territories & State Park quarters in
Brilliant Uncirculated condition, available. As well as
Presidential dollars. The latest is available in the booth.  Please
leave your  request in one of my showcases, at the front. or call
478 998 1983 between 10 AM and 4 PM

The mint introduced yet another dollar coin to the market, The
Native American, which replaces the Old Style Native American
golden dollar.  Some of these are available in my showcase.
Date and mint marks are again on the edges, like the
Presidential dollars. Did you know the "In GOD We Trust" has
been moved off the edge of the coin. It's now under the
bust..Some of the issued Presidential Dollars, are in the
showcases, including the last Ronald Regan, in  P or D mints.

FYI: The Ronald Regan Presidential dollar, has been issued and
is the last one, for the next several years, from the US mint.

Did you know that silver is bouncing around $20.00 an ounce
and ever changing..Gold is out of sight..$1275.00,,I still buy and
appraise American coin silver. Call if you want an appointment,
for a free appraisal.  478 998 1983( 10-4 PM)

Please drive safely!!  We'd sure rather talk to you, than about
you.....AND do know who's near you and yours.....jc

                             Thanks for looking-jc
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