Services We Provide

Do you have some old coins that you've been curious
about  their worth or collector value  ??
I would be glad to meet with you at a  location, in Dublin,
GA, to give you a quick appraisal of their value.
You  can  make an appointment by contacting me at  478
998 1983, during my business hours 10AM-4 PM.

You can leave a message at The Treasure Store on Kellam
Road, in person or by calling 478 275 2449,  during my
business hours.You can also use our "Contact Us" page on
this site.

Here's a  pearl for you..Ever been out and needed to
measure something small and didn't have a tape measure
or ruler available.  Did you know that American paper
money measures 6" by  2 1/2"..So if you have any paper
money on you, you have a small tape also...

Think Safety...Check frequently & closely, know your
surroundings and who's near you or yours....

Believe it or not "GUNS SAVE LIVES".  Get a Tactical
Flashlight to carry, also

Thanks for stopping by the website.       jc